“Love, Rosie”: a beginning in the end

Telling the truth in the midst of comedy. I think there’s no better way to describe the novel Love, Rosie (Where the rainbows end), by Cecelia Ahern. The first time I read the book (because I’ve read at least 6 times), I was delighted with the way I felt I was watching a romantic comedy right in front of my eyes. The way Ahern let the humor in her words come out is fascinating, in a way that I always found myself having a laugh while reading the book or, at least, smiling. But let me take you inside of “Love, Rosie” ‘s plot.

It’s through letters, notes, messages, e-mails and conversations in online chats that the Irish author introduces us to Rosie and Alex, who are best friends since ever and have experienced life together for 15 years straight. However, when they begin to realize their friendship may be growing into something more, fate preaches a match and separates them, in the distance of an ocean. At the age of 18, Rosie and Alex see themselves forced to face the world on their own for the first time, in an age that everything happens so quickly and changes so fast.

The humanity and authenticity of this book are what makes it so special and unusual. Unlike fairytales, “Love, Rosie” shows the joys and sorrows of life, the way people abdicate their dreams and that throughout life things won’t always go as expected and they will lead us to paths we never knew we would take. On the other hand, the story also gives us a great lesson: sometimes we should also take the risk, take a leap in the dark, and, who knows, “land” on something that becomes the best thing in life.

In conclusion, I hope that the title makes a now a bit more sense in the head of those who never read this best-seller novel. In one hand, it is a goodbye in the various letters that tell Rosie’s life. On the other side, it’s the opening of door to something better.


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